Liana Michaeli - wedding and evening dress designer

You enter our salon and come out a happy bride! Guaranteed

Liana's wedding dress salon offers all wedding dress styles In the world!

Liana's bride salon will take care of you, professionally, passionately, and with love Here, at a central, accessible location, you will find a bride salon includingEverything which will make this day unforgettable:

Quality, individually designed wedding dresses, professional makeup and hair styling. The warm reception with open arms and heart, the meticolous motherly care, and the considerate treatment will give you a wonderful feeling of calm and security, which will accompany you along your way. Along with the dress, we offer you a wide range of fashionable jewelry, carrying Severovsky stones and pearls, for a completely glamorous and clear look. The journey to realizing your dream starts with a meeting with our representative.

Making your dress dream come true - is our success!

Our brides speak about this. Liana Michaeli's dream came true 30 years ago when she started desiging and sewing wedding dresses for the elite in Israel and worldwide. With much effort, Liana made herself known around the world as HAUTE COUTURE, and soon grew from one talented designer to the owner of a vast, market-leading wedding dress salon, encompassing 350 square meters, a wedding dress salon where Liana dictates fashion for future brides by fantasy designs made real. Liana's bride salon leads primarily thanks to the skilled professionals employed by Liana, these are professionals whose job is to fulfill your fantasies on your wedding day - the best possible way! Liana's bride salon was established 30 years ago and now is one of the leading salons in Israel, employing a skilled and profesional team aimed at providing you with the perfect wedding dress. For this, Liana's bridge salon also offers a hair salon including: professional bridal hair styling and professional bridal makeup by leading professionals

Liana's bride salon invites you to enjoy hundreds of wedding dress designs, designed and made by Liana's bride salon and also designed by Liana herself, made from any type of fabric you choose, ordered directly from abroad for the collection being made. We make sure every bride finds a dress tailored to her own measurements. At Liana's bride salon you will find dozens of modest wedding dress designs, vintage wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses. Today, Liana's Bride Salon is well-known around the world as a leading marketers, and Liana is knows everywhere as a unique and reliable bride offering the best quality and style. Thanks to Liana's brilliant designs, her elite tailoring, and wonderful service, thousands of brides become, every year, the most beautiful brides in the world, making Liana's bride salon into the best one around.